The Asian Travel Group                                                
is a fusion of medium and small tour operators in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar.
Many small and medium-sized companies in this area have a lot of know-how and experience. Without the knowledge of local language and customs, good planning and preparation is often almost impossible. Dealing with the authorities, mostly very complex licensing procedures, licenses and much more is only possible through local contacts. There are many things and customs that citizens of other continents (Europe, USA, etc.) will never understand.
It is difficult for local and regional companies to pass on their knowledge and experience. The administration, the creation and maintenance of websites, marketing, communication in different languages and many other things are expensive and therefore not available or only available to a limited extent.
The Asian Travel Group has excellent infrastructure throughout the region and makes it available to local and regional companies.  In Laos (Vientiane) and Thailand (Udon Thani), two modern offices are available for all administrative work in several languages. All modern tools of communication are available: telephone numbers in Europe and Asia, e-mail (also directly to the provider), Skype, Line, WhatsUp etc. are available. Of course, anyone interested can also contact local companies directly.